terça-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2010

"A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens (chapter five)

Christmas Day
Scrooge fell down, and held the ghost’s hand... and woke up to find himself holding the bedpost of his own bed.
He got dressed quickly, saying to himself: 'Now I’ll use the lessons I’ve learnt from these three ghosts!'
He laughed. The first time he had laughed for years!
He saw a boy in the street.
'What day is it today?' he asked.
'lt's Christmas Day,' said the surprised boy.
'Go and buy that big turkey from the butcher's,' said Scrooge. There's ten pence for you!'
l will send it to Bob Cratchit, he thought.
Scrooge walked excitedly along the street saying 'Merry Christmas' to everybody.
When he met the man who had wanted help for the poor the day before, he told him to come and see him to get a lot of money.
Then Scrooge went off to his nephew Fred's house.
Fred was very surprised to see him.
'What do you want, uncle?' he asked.
'l want to come to dinner!' said Scrooge. 'Can l?'
'Of course you can!' answered Fred.
Fred was very happy, and so were his wife and all their friends. And they all had a lovely party together.

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