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"A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens - Activities (chapter one)

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Chapter 1
1. What happened first? Put these sentences in the right order. Number them 1–10.

a) Scrooge hears the noise of a chain down below.
b) Bob Cratchit goes home.
c) Scrooge gives them nothing.
d) After Fred leaves, two men come into Scrooge's office.
e) Fred comes to visit him.
f) Scrooge doesn't give anything to the boy either.
g) The two men leave the room.
h) They ask him money for the poor.
i) He invites Scrooge to dinner.
j) Scrooge is in his office.

2. Who says what? Match the sentences with the characters.

The two men
Bob Cratchit

Sentences:a) "You don't mean it."
b) "Why are you merry?"
c) "They always need a little more."
d) "Christmas is only one day a year."
e) "I'm unhappy".

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